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Brief Review of Past Programs

Brief Review of Past programs



  • Local artists presented acts from 'Tuze Aahe Tuz pashee' and 'Dev Manoos'
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  • Local artists presented 'Amaldaar'


  • Local artists presented 'Kaka Kishacha'
  • Local artists presented 'Kawadi Chumbak'


  • Local artists presented 'Katha Kunachee Wyatha Kuna'  


  • Local artists presented 'Sunder mee Honaar'


  • Local artists presented 'Baykat Puroosh Lamboda'
  • Local artists presented 'Karayala Gelo Ek'


  • Local artists presented 'Lekure Udand Zaalee'
  • Local artists presented 'Asa Me Asamee'
  • Local artists presented 'Dinoochya Sasoobai Radhabai'


  • Artists from Chicago presented 'Mohini'
  • Artists from Philadelphia presented 'Wichhya Mazee Puri Kara'


  • Local artists presented 'Aakhercha Sawal'  


  • Local artists presented 'Zopee Gelela jaga Zala' 


  • Artists from Philadelphia presented 'Waarya Warachee Waraat'  


  • Seven selected Marathi Chitrapat were shown celebration of 50 years of Marathi film  


  • Artists from Washington presented 'Sanshaya Kallol'  


  • Toronto hosted the BMM Convention  


  • 'Puroosh' was presented by artists from New York  


  • 'Wat Wat Savitree' was presented by artists from Washington
  • 'Premachya Gawa Jaawe'
  • 'Shakti Peksha Yukati Shreshtha' 



  • 'Soyareek'  



  • 'Aai Retire Hotye' 


  • 'Shantiche Karte Chaaloo Aahe' was presented by artists from New York 


  • ' Chaar Choughi' 


  • 'Anandi Gopal' was presented by artists from New York
  • Mandal celebrated its Silver Jubilee - 25 years of existance  


  • The BMM Maiytra convention was held in Toronto and attended by 500 youth in July
  • Kala Mahotsav presented plays by Marathi Mandals of North America: 'Javai maza bhala' by the Detroit Mandal, 'Himalayachi sawali' by the Washington Mandal and two one-act plays by the Boston Mandal
  • A Hindustani classical music program by Smt. Veena Sahasrabuddhe was held in July
  • The annual Diwali program was held in a banquet hall for the first time ever with a live music band, dinner and dance
  • 'Phakta Ekach Kaaran'  



  • Bageshri Vaze's Bharatnatyam dance and Alankar Huzurbazar's music were featured at the Vasantik program
  • Kaththak dancer Pratap Pawar presented his 'Fantasy of Rhythm' dance in August
  • Shridhar Phadke's music program was held at the Diwali celebration  



  • The New York Marathi Mandal presented 'Dhyani Mani' (Prashant Dalvi) at the Vasantik program
  • Dr. Karandikar of Kabir Baag, Pune, held a Yoga therapy workshop in April
  • Natya Mahotsav June 1998 - Four Marathi plays by the Suyog Association of Pune were presented for the first time and were extremely well received: 'Shoo.kothe bolayache nahi' (Ratnakar Matkari), 'Moruchi mavshi' (P.K. Atre), 'Vyakti ani valli' (P.L. Deshpande) and 'Sunder mee honar' (P.L. Deshpande)  



  • The Boston Marathi Mandal presented 'Ek doh anolakhi' (Malati Marathe) at the Vasantik program
  • The famous play 'Tee phulrani' (P.L. Deshpande) was presented as a special program in June
  • Local artists presented the classic play 'To Mee Navhech' (Acharya Atre) at the Diwali program 


  • Natya Mahotsav June 2000 - four Marathi plays by the Suyog Association of Pune were presented to a large audience: 'Asa mee asa mee' (P.L. Deshpande), 'Shri tashi sau' (Sudhir Kavdi), 'Ekda pahawe karun' (Ratnakar Matkari) and 'Eka lagnachi gosht' ( Shrirang Godbole)
  • Indian Central cabinet Minister Mr. Ram Naik was a guest at a special meeting organized by MBM Toronto
  • Twenty-two Marathi school students from Mississauga presented a unique childrens' play, 'Areh Pan Ka?' (Sunanda Tumne), at the Ganapati program
  • The one-act plays 'Santwan' (P.L. Deshpande) and 'Bahinabaichi gani' were presented by local artists at the Diwali program 


  • 'Ti velach tashi hoti' (Suresh Khare), was presented by local Toronto artists at the Vasantik program
  • Indian cabinet ministers Hon. Manohar Joshi and Hon. Suresh Prabhu were guests at a reception and dinner held by MBM Toronto
  • The famous Kirtankar Shri Charudatta Aphale from Pune presented a Keertan music program in October
  • 'Madrasine kela marathi bhratar' and 'Lekure udand zali' (Vasant Kanetkar) were presented by local artists at the Diwali program 


  • 'Tarun turk mhatare ark' (Madhukar Todarmal) was presented by the Detroit Marathi Mandal at the Vasantik program
  • Natya Mahotsav June 2002 - Four Marathi plays by the Suyog Association of Pune were presented for the third time in Toronto: 'Heech tar premachi gammat ahe' (Ashok Patole), 'Mazhe ghar' (Jayant Pawar), 'Nati goti' (Jaywant Dalvi) and 'Priyatama' (Ratnakar Matkari)  


  • 'Shantecha karte chalu aahe' (Shriniwas Bhange) was presented by local artists at the Vasantik program
  • The 'Karu Hitguj Vyavasayache' group was launched by to help new immigrants
  • Sudhir Gadgil interviewed the famous singer Rajendra Kandalgaonkar in a special program
  • 'Mee mazhya mulancha' (Ashok Patole) was presented by local artists at the Diwali program 


  • 'Dekhani bayko dusryachi' (Ashok Patole) was presented by local artists
  • The Marathi movies 'Savarkhed- ek gaon' and 'Devaraee' were screened, followed by a question and answer period with the producers of 'Devaraee'
  • 'Vaatchal' (Dr. Prakash Lothe) was presented by Dilip Prabhavalkar and other Marathi drama professionals from India
  • 'Kuryat sada tinglam' (Shivraj Gorle) was presented by local artists at the Diwali program 


  • The Marathi movie 'Shwaas' was screened with proceeds donated to Tsunami victims
  • A Marathi seniors club was launched for MBM members and visiting parents of 60+ years to participate in a monthly social activities
  • Local artists presented original essays and poems at the 16th  annual sahitya sammelan .
  • Local artists presented 'Kuryat Sada Tingalam' (Shivraj Gorle) at the BMM convention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA  



  • Local artists presented original essays and poems at the 17th annual   sahitya sammelan
  • Local artists presented entertaining 2 plays: 'Sadu Aani Daadu’ and , ‘Vitthal to Aalaa Aalaa’


 · As part of BMM Ekankika   Spardha , local artists presented three Ekankika : Ye ga Ye ga sari (directed by Pravina Kale) , Phoenix (Directed by Vinita Ratnaparkhe)   and Baaykaat purush Lamboda (Directed by Shashi Joglekar)

  • 'Natya Vaibhav' - a unique program of natya pravesh from 4 famous Marathi dramas: 'Nati Goti', 'Prema Tuza Rang Kasa', 'Sundar me Honar' and  'Varya Varachi Varat',   were   presented by local artists at the Diwali program. 


  • February-Youth enjoyed Valentine Vibe 
  • March:  Local artists presented original essays and poems at the 19th annual  sahitya sammelan.  Amongst the poems read,  Shri Raju Konnur's poem  was selected for the  best poem award. The award, was started this  year through donations given by  Vishnu and Veena  Joshi  to MBM in memory of  his mother Late-  Kavayatri  Indutai Joshi .
    Youth enjoyed Holi/movie night.  
  • MBM organized an award winning Amol Production's Marathi Movie ‘Kshan’.  Kishor Ranade(Philadelpha) who achieved an award for music composition of the film was a chief guest of honour and was briefly interviewed by Vinata Kulkarni ,before screening of the movie.
  • April:   : Manisha Dongre and group from Detroit presented: Kathaka Dance Drama:   Ganesh Vandana , Classical Kathak , Spring Dance - Composition by Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki , Hori - Kathak based on Thumari , 'Aisi Lagi Lagan' - Dance Drama around Meera's life" . Also  brief music item by local artist Deepashri Phatak was presented   in between the dance program.
  • May   MBM organized  Ramesh Deo Production Pvt Ltd.'-  Marathi Movie 'Vasudeo Balwant Phadke . There was an interview/chat session with the hero of the movie, Ajinkya Deo before the screening, conducted by Amod Kelkar.
  • Natya Mahotsav May 2008 - Two Award winning Marathi plays - 'Kabaddi Kabaddi' and 'Love Story' by the Suyog Association of Pune were presented . The show captured  the pulse of the age-old Marathi sport - Kabaddi, and kept the audience riveted till the final curtain is drawn. 
  • June:  Soor-L-Taa -Sangeet Sammelan: Local artists (age 19 and above) presented music and  dance items and short session of well structured ‘Antakshari’ was conducted by Deepashri Phatak, and Apurva Jog; at this  Sangeet Sammelan.
  •  North American Maharashtrian Entrepreneurs (NAME) business first summit was  arranged in Canada to promote businesses of Maharashtrians settled in North  America and the rest of the world. It was conducted with joint  efforts of BMM and MBM. BMM initiated NAME body , and the summit was hosted by MBM in Toronto. BMM and MBM leaders with support of their enthusiastic team members’ organized the event brilliantly that coincided with "India Calling Canada 2008" conference in Toronto.
  • July:  Summer picnic was conducted that received great response from mandal members and guests. 
    Also Youth enjoyed  Playdium party
  • August: MBM youth accompanied by MBM dedicated artists 'saathidaar for tabala peti dholki , presented powada, lavani and kathak at Panorama' India organized India's 61st Independence day celebration  in Toronto 
  • September:  During Ganeshotsav program all past youth representatives were invited to attend the program. Entertainment program was fully conducted by MBM youth
  • October: Kojagari celebrated with live orchestra
  • November: Diwali event was celebrated with two fold joy -
    - Mandal's 40 Years anniversary and felicitation of all past presidents. Also small audio/video film of mandal's 40 years vaatchaal was displayed.
    - 'Gadimaayan' A musical journey interweaving the beautiful Marathi Chitrapat Geete, Bhavgeete, Bhaktigeete, foot-tapping Lavanya and geet ramayaan written by legendary poet, Gadima. Presented by his son - Shri. Anand Madgulkar.
  • December: Marathi School kids (age 4-13) enjoyed one day fun full - winter camp, exploring marathi sanskriti through,
    history lecture, digital movie, sahabhojan, games, and         some exercises.  

Click here for Slide Show- Photos of of 2008 MBM events

Click here for Slide Show - Photos of  MBM's 40Years Celebration and Diwali Program - Nov. 15,  2008