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Brihan Maharashtra Mandal:

Similar to the Marathi Bhashik Mandal in Toronto, there are several Marathi organizations in most major cities in Canada and the U.S. All of these organizations are providing similar services to the local Marathi communities. In order to bring together all of these organizations and to create an interaction among them, the Brihan Maharashtra Mandal (BMM) was constituted in 1981.


In accordance with the Constitution of the BMM, all the Marathi organizations in various cities are members of the BMM. In effect, the BMM acts in the capacity of the Federation of the local organizations. The Executive Committee of the BMM is elected from the member organizations for a term of two years.


The BMM publishes a monthly news letter - Brihan Maharashtra Vritta. It's  sent to the member mandal representative/president  and to those  individuals and member mandals who subscribe to the Vritta. The details and some past copies of BMM Vritta are available at  http://www.bmmonline.org/newsletter.htm


The BMM holds biennial conventions in various cities in North America. The first convention was held in 1984 (in Chicago), the second in Toronto in 1985. These conventions have been held every two years since that time.


Any additional details in respect of BMM can be found at their web site at:

BMM 2015 Convention:

BMM 2015 Convention will be held in Los Angeles, California from July 3rd toJuly 5th, 2015. More information about the convention can be found atwww.bmm2015.org

Other Marathi Organizations:

As indicated above, a number of Marathi Mandals are operating in different cities in Canada and the U.S. The details of all such Mandals can be found at the BMM web site shown above or at: