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The Mandal's constitution came in to effect in December 1974. To reflect the growing membership, changes in social structure and scope of Mandal activities, the constitution was revised when deemed neccessary. The latest amendments were done in December 2011.

Any one interested in obtaining a copy of the constitution can contact the President or the Secretary of the Mandal.



The Constitution deals with the objectives of the Mandal, eligibility for membership and the structure of the Mandal ( i.e. the various committees, their terms of office and their responsibilities ), and finances.


The by-laws deal with the operation of the Mandal. They deal with the following aspects:

Procedure for membership, membership dues, eligibility for voting, termination of membership.

The composition of the Executive Committee and the Advisory Committee, their responsibilities.

The nature of General Body.

Appointment of Auditors.

Conduct of various meetings.

Election procedure.