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General Activities:

The Mandal undertakes  variety of activities on a regular basis.The following programs take place every year. 

Tree Plantation Drive

MBM organization realizes the impact of human footprint on the environment and is concerned about Global warming. In our efforts to combat the onset of deforestation and changing climate, current MBM Executive committee has considered to take up a Plantation drive in co-ordination with other Indian origin organizations in GTA. 


The announcement was welcomed by many members especially the environmentally conscious younger generation. This event is expected to be launched in the summer of 2014.


Blood Donation Drive

MBM has successfully launched this drive in past years. it was taken up as an important event in the year 2009 and 2011. The present 2014 active Executive Committee is considering making this as an regular annual event. The dates and the details for this event will be announced in the coming months.


Food Drive

One of the basic principals of MBM is to give back to the society that has nurtured, shaped and enriched our lives. For past many years, Executive Committee put up a food collection bin at every event. Donated food is promptly delivered to the nearest food collection agency. In the year 2009 and 2011, major fodd drives were undertaken. Present Executive Committee is considering this event for this year.


Sangeet Sammelan:

The Sangeet Sammelan generally takes place in May. The local artists present their vocal / instrumental musical talent.

Sahitya Sammelan:

Sahitya Sammelan is generally held in the month of March. Members present their own literature (articles, poetry, etc. written by themselves).


The Vasantik program generally takes place in April. It incorporates Satyanarayan Puja and some entertainment (music, drama, etc.), presented by local or outside artists.

Ganapati Puja:

It takes place around Ganesh Chaturthi (generally, in August or September). The program starts with Ganesh Puja and is followed by some entertainment program presentations by local or outside artists.


July is generally the ideal month for the picnic. Picnic areas around Greater Toronto area are selected.


Diwali is celebrated around Diwali time (generally in October or November) with an entertainment program(musical or drama) followed by dinner.

Annual General Body Meeting:

The Annual General Meeting takes place around early to mid-December. Annual reports are presented by the Executive Committee. New Executive Committee is elected. A Children's Christmas party is also held at this time.

Kala Mahotsav: Kala mahotsav

Beginning from 1989, every two years a Kala Mahotsav is organised during the month of October. This extends over a two-day period. Dramas or Music by artists in North America or India                         are presented.

The Mandal also takes part in the Canadian and Indian cultural activities, such as Canada Day Celebrations, Indian Independence Day Celebrations, Metro Caravan, etc. From time to time other programs (drama, music, katha kathan, etc.) of artists from North America  or India are arranged. These depend on the nature of requests received from the artists in  a perticular year.

Youth Activities: Youth Activities

Recognizing the fact that the youth have different social needs, the Mandal has set up a Youth Committee to cater for their needs. Special get togethers and sports activities are organized by them, which are sponsored by the Mandal.

Since 1986, a youth camp is organized during the summer months for children between the ages of 13 and 18. This camp is organized and managed by the youth committee. This provides an opportunity for the youth to get exposed to history and culture of Maharashtra through presentations and discussions.


"Snehbandh" is the Mandal's news letter. It is published, generally, four times a year. It aims to provide information relating to the Mandal's activities and the happenings in the community.

Marathi School:

The Mandal has placed great importance on teaching of Marathi language and culture to the second generation. In 1976, the Mandal started classes for teaching Marathi to the second generation and non-Marathi spouses of members. In 1986, Marathi was included in the Heritage Language Program of the North York Board of Education and Peel Board of Education. In 1989, Marathi was included as a credit course in the curriculum of the North York Board of Education for Grade 10. This was later dropped due to lack of sufficient enrollment. At present, the classes are held in North York and Mississauga every Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.


This email newsletter is an official communication media from Marathi Bhashik Mandal. Approved details of program events and important news bulletins are composed and circulated to MBM members who have email access.

For more information please contact:

Savita Deshpande - 905-303-3380



Special Interest Activities Supported by MBM:

There are a number of special interest activities taking place throughout the year. The following sections describe the general nature of these activities. For interested members, the information regarding the contact person can be found in the Section "Current Year Committees".

Cricket Club:

"Marathi Warriors" is a first ever hard-ball Marathi Cricket Club in North America. An official announcement of Marathi Warriors Cricket club was made in MBM Diwali Program in Toronto on 14th November 2010.
We are bunch of cricket enthusiasts who will be entering T25 game format in one of the leagues in Canada called Brampton-Etobicoke Cricket League (B-EDCL) in Summer 2011.
Click hereto watch video.                        

Bridge Club:

"The Marathi Mandal Bridge Club" was formed in 1977. Interested members get together to play duplicate bridge on second Saturday of the month. Presently, the club meets twice a year with bridge club from Detroit for inter city tournaments.

For more information please contact:

Shriram Mulgund - 416-493-7582

Vanita Mandal:

This is a support group for women. Lectures, presentations and discussions forums are organized on topics of interest to women. In addition, women's picnic and "jagaran" are arranged.

For more information please contact:

Pravina Kale - 905-793-8064

Yoga Group:

Members interested in yoga get together once a week (usually on Sundays) to practice yoga. Volunteer instructors provide guidance and direction. These classes are held in North York and Mississauga.

Literature Group:

Mrs. Smita Bhagwat  has taken initiative  to propose and form a group for literature lovers as an opportunity to share a high-quality source of information regarding poetry, short stories, novels, informative articles, etc. The group will meet once a month (East and West side every alternate month).  For more information, please contact: Mrs. Smita Bhagwat at 416-497-7575 by email :  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or Vinata Kulkarni at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it                                                                           

Kala Vibhag: Kala Vibhag

One wing of the Mandal looks after the  members' needs pertaining to arts, culture and literature. This was constituted in 1992. Once a month, as a regular activity, interested members get together for "Sahitya Wachan", where the participants read passages from new books or poetry that they have found interesting. It provides a forum for the musicians to get together and play in an orchestra.

The Kala Vibhag keeps an ongoing contact with artists from other parts of North America and India with a view to arrange their programs for the benefit of membership. The Kala Mahotsav is organised by Kala Vibhag, with help from the Mandal's Executive Committee.

Ekata Publication:

The Marathi quarterly "Ekata" was born in Toronto in 1978. It is currently published in Toronto. It has a worldwide circulation. It provides a forum for writers and poets living outside India. Some members of the Mandal provide volunteer support for its publication. It is not an activity undertaken by the Mandal, but by a member of the Mandal for the benefit of the Marathi community living outside India. Visit web site at: http://www.ekata.ca