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MBM Information Session for Seniors  

May 31, 2014 at 1:30 -3:30 PM

Held at the Pleasant View Library auditorium

Meeting was attended by about 55 seniors  


MBM President Leena Deodhare opened the evening by welcoming everybody.

Audience was informed about the decisions that were initiated by the present Executive Committee and approved by the Advisory Committee regarding the formation of Seniors group. The structure and the activities will be decided by the group. It was suggested that two or three programs each year could be arranged on a regular basis. A certain amount will be allotted towards senior’s group activity.

This year’s Executive Committee will put forth such a resolution at the AGM. Mr. Anand Manohar has agreed to take the lead and will be interacting with the MBM executives. If needed a committee of three or four MBM members could be formed.

This was the inaugural event of this group.

Anand Manohar then introduced the speaker for the day, Ms. Aparna Joglekar. He then circulated a survey questionnaire asking for personal interests and contact details.

Aparna gave a talk on what services are available from the CCAC (Community Care Access Centers). Toronto Central region is the largest service provider among the 14 that exist in the province of Ontario. They are funded by LHIN.

The synopsis of her presentation was as follows:

The Coordinator’s role was outlined:  Assessment > Develop a plan > Coordinate Care and services > Help Navigate the system > Communicate the care plan to all providers > Evaluate benefits > Remain involved. This would help in the transition from retirement home to Nursing home and to provide care coordination for in home services.

Placement services:  explain options, manage application process, and manage wait lists.

Coordinate Personal Support: Social worker, nutritional guidance, speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medical supplies and equipment needs, nursing support is NOT provided.

Information and referral services to other organizations: Tele health Ontario, CNIB, used equipment suppliers, meals on wheels etc. www.TorontoCentralhealthline.ca has 4000 service listings.

CCAC has 200 coordinators, 4 FAST centers, 100 staffers in 26 Hospitals. CCAC served 46000 people last year with specialized teams for Palliative care (1700), Urban Health for Homeless (15,800) Children and Family (5700). CCAC provides placement services, post Hospital stays and provides short term support.  She indicated that normally the Hospitals refer the cases to them but anyone can ask for an assessment at any time.

The case manager will visit and work with the client and determine what services are appropriate. The examples she gave were:


  1. Palliative care in end of life facilities, patients are not charged
  2. Complex Care Facilities are Hospitals co payment of $53/day is charged
  3. Long Term Care Accommodation and Nursing Homes. CCAC determines eligibility. Govt pays the cost, resident pays for accommodation, called Co payment. For $55/day 3 beds to a room, $63/day semi private, $73/day private, medications are not covered by OHIP and will be charged extra. This includes the bed and the cost of common nursingTV, hairdressing, telephone, transport are all extra. Rate reduction application can be made if annual income is below $21K Individual nursing homes have their own waiting lists.
  4. Assisted Living services in Supportive housing
  5. Attendant care model before going in to Nursing home
  6. Assisted living for High risk seniors
  7. Assisted Living Apartments where a staffer is in the building 8:30 to 5 everyday. You need to qualify with low income level and then there is an exceptionally long wait time to get into such facilities.
  8. Seniors Affordable housing, you need to qualify with low income level and then there is a long wait time to get into such facilities.
  9. Retirement Homes of your choice, there is no eligibility requirement. The costs are market driven there is no govt assistance to these facilities you pay for whatever care plan and services you choose. These are unregulated.

Support is provided by a non profit organization called Advocacy Center for the elderly, located at  # 701, 2 Carlton street Young at Carlton. Tel - 416-598-2656

For 4,5,6,7 and 8 above, based on the needs assessment by the case manager CCAC provides one to two hours of services by care givers and support staff,  typically for light meal prep, help bathe, help get dressed, medication reminders, medication administer, No house Cleaning or Cooking. CCAC can help navigate and coordinate filling applications, getting meals on wheels and work with other service providers in the community.

The second presenter for the Afternoon was Mr. Nitin Kolekar on work for CML Healthcare and e-Health Ontario.  

He suggested that MBM should get involved in this area. Some privet companies might be    interested in this market and can be approached for block commitment for MBM members.

After the presentation, a question answer session followed.

The following points were mentioned:

  1. 1.Mr. Anand mentioned that govt grants are available for seniors programs.
  1. 2.It was suggested that MBM could facilitate participation by young volunteers in our community who will visit seniors, help them with house chores and provide companionship time. In return, they could earn Volunteer hours required for their School graduation.
  1. 3.CCAC pamphlets and brochures were available for the attendees.

The evening pleasantly ended with refreshments and socialising.